If It's Done in Your Pharma Lab, It's In LabVantage Pharma 

LabVantage Pharma – the world’s only pre-validated, pre-configured LIMS specifically for pharmaceutical QA/QC manufacturing – is also the first to provide compliance with global guidance for data integrity.

Download our white paper to the right to learn how LabVantage Pharma can help you easily comply with global data integrity standards.

Leapfrog time-consuming configurations. With most everything you need, LabVantage Pharma is proven to save up to 85 percent of implementation costs and 75 percent in implementation time.

Out-of-the-box, LabVantage Pharma features:

  • Lot and batch management (complete lot genealogy and quality dispositioning)
  • Stability testing and inventory management
  • Full sample life cycle management
  • End-to-end workflow with reporting and charting
  • Management by exception using automated calculations and specification checking
  • Consumables inventory tracking, including reagents and standards
  • Scheduling of environmental monitoring sample
  • GLP

Reduce cost and risk while improving lab efficiency and regulatory compliance with LabVantage Pharma. It’s Built Better.

Want to Position Your Pharma Lab for Success?

Download our white paper "LabVantage and 21 CFR Part 11/Annex 11 Compliance: Understanding the Regulations and How LabVantage Successfully Helps Customers Comply With These Requirements" by completing the fields below:

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